AI and the Future of Work

Host Dan Turchin, PeopleReign CEO, explores how AI is changing the workplace. He interviews thought leaders and technologists from industry and academia who share their experiences and insights about artificial intelligence and what it means to be human in the era of AI-driven automation. Have an idea for an episode? Want to recommend a guest? Send proposals to
  • Episode Number : 13

    Charlene Li is a 20-year analyst and researcher who has written six best-selling books. A well-known consultant, acclaimed social media and technology expert, and the author of the recent book “The Disruption Mindset”, Charlene is a serial disruptor who has helped millions of entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs.

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    In this AI and the Future of Work podcast, Dan Turchin interviews Charlene Li. She discusses how disruptive leaders are needed everywhere. Charlene shares how a small university like Southern New Hampshire grew from just 3,000 students to the #1 online educational institution. Their approach…let us rethink what it means to have a degree. Charlene explains why we’re in a disruptive time. She shows us how to make sense of it all and teaches us how to believe the impossible.

    Key questions Charlene encourages listeners to ask:

    • Do you know your future customer?
    • Do you know what will have to change to go after that customer?
    • How can we create disruptive leaders in all industries?
    • Does disruption create growth or growth create disruption?
    • Isn’t innovation disruptive by design?

    To learn more about Charlene Li, visit:


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  • Episode Number : 12

    Passion? Excitement? Driven? These are all qualities of this dynamic CEO. Tess Posner is changing the world with her positive attitude and her great approach to problem solving in issues of all things related to AI and Education.

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    In this AI and the Future of Work podcast, Dan Turchin interviews Tess Posner, CEO of A.I. 4 All. She discusses how to mitigate AI bias and hiring best practices and how AI will impact women and youth. She also talks about what she would tell her younger self. Tess has an eye in gaining Data Literacy for all through her successful summer camp programs that are helping youth learn about AI. Today, students in middle and high school are benefiting their communities through their knowledge of AI through her program efforts.

    Challenges for AI and Education, IT Leaders, and Youth:

    • How can AI help students start AI Clubs at school or via Hack a Thons?
    • How can knowledge and data literacy lead us to understand what businesses need in regards to hiring practices?
    • How can we provide teachers with curriculum that empowers them to teach their students about AI?
    • Is AI the driver of the Fourth Industrial Revolution?
    • How AI solves a problem for Global Diversity
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  • Episode Number : 11

    What causes a Start-Up to stumble? Is your company becoming culturally lazy?

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    Learn some helpful entrepreneurial tips and find out what data exhaust means on the latest podcast session on AI and the Future of Work with Dan Turchin.

    Bob Moore is the CEO of CrossBeam. They help companies bring data together and create a third party environment so that data doesn’t just cross over to another company but rather is kept separate. In this episode, Bob shares the key to keeping info out while understanding there is a fear to share data. He also addresses how to find the key things that matter in a partnership.

    Listen and learn from one of the best in the business!

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  • Episode Number : 10

    Julie addresses how knowledge and the customer economy are driving a rapid change in business. In addition she discusses how to not focus only on product but instead to look at data to define our customer-driven innovation. Julie believes there’s a balance between people, process and tools. Is traditional service management relevant? Julie answers these questions and more.

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    “We must see the need for what our customers want. Automation IS what the customers want! They have a palate for it. The companies that see this are winning!”

    Julie Mohr 

    Challenges for CIO’s and IT Leaders Addressed in this Podcast:

    • How can Automation help companies use data to drive revenues?
    • How can knowledge and data lead us to understand what customers want?
    • How can we get better at making agile models to support service management?

    For more information on AI expert Julie Mohr, visit her website.

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  • Episode Number : 9

    Will people lose their enthusiasm to a machine that writes as a person? Will AI impact economists, investors and journalists? Tiernan Ray, business, technology and finance writer and editor talks about AI theories and how they will impact everyone around us including the role of a journalist.

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    In this podcast episode, he breaks down Moore’s Law, AI and the demise of Journalism, or as he asks, “can AI summarize an author’s work?” These questions and more will be covered in this episode of AI and the Future of work! Tiernan also talks about what he would tell his younger self.

    Challenges for CIO’s, IT Leaders and Journalists added in this Podcast:

    • How can AI help authors go through “The Process” of an idea, words on paper, to something actually published?
    • How can knowledge and data lead us to understand what customers want?
    • How can we get better at knowing, who is a “Noise Trader” verses who is a “Rational Investor”?
    • How has Deep Learning developed over decades? And how does it materialize in the market?

    For more information on Tiernan Ray, visit his LinkedIn page.

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  • Episode Number : 8

    Doug Tedder, ITSM expert discusses how a virtual agent has the ability to transform your help desk with Dan Turchin, Co-founder and Chief Product Officer of Astound. He discusses how service management must now be truly end-to-end and how AI is needed to address the needs of our customers and improve business benefits.

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    The role of the IT leader is changing with service delivery expectations but how can AI  drive accuracy and speed for the customers that IT is being asked to support in organizations? Doug and Dan talk about how a virtual agent has the ability to free up highly technical resources so that they can do more innovative work as opposed to repeat mundane tasks. This helps to reduce downtime for employees while also improving the overall service experience.

    Challenges for CIO’s and IT Leaders Addressed in this Podcast:

    • How to reduce your call volume and reduce your mean time to resolution (MTTR)?
    • When is it appropriate to use a virtual agent?
    • How can IT leaders be faster and more accurate in their service delivery work?
    • How can a virtual agent help a CIO with digital transformation strategies?

    To learn more about Doug Tedder visit Tedder Consulting.


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  • Episode Number : 7

    Fruition Partners founder Marc Talluto joins the podcast to share his invaluable experience and advice around entrepreneurship, leadership and service management. Marc began his career in consulting at both Accenture and Deloitte and eventually broke away to start Fruition which specializes in ITSM and Cloud Service Management, specifically ServiceNow, as a Value Added Re-seller (VAR). As founder and CEO, Marc was instrumental in building Fruition’s partnership network and its culture, leading to the sale of the firm in 2015.

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    Challenges for CIO’s and IT Leaders Addressed in this Podcast:

    • Building a successful culture within your organization that is unique to you.
    • How to find pockets of opportunity within service management and beyond.
    • Shifts in the ITSM space and what you can do to be on the front lines of that change.


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  • Episode Number : 6

    Jordan Husney is the founder and CEO of Parabol, a meeting software product for agile teams, particularly those distributed around the world. Jordan shares his insights with host Dan Turchin around the difference between teams & interest groups, key rules of engagement for productive meetings, and his thoughts on what the future of work will look like for employees & knowledge workers around the globe. He also shares a fascinating perspective on how his experience as a start-up founder has allowed him to see a different side of America.

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    Challenges for CIO’s and IT Leaders Addressed in this Podcast:

    • How do you make meetings more engaging and productive?
    • How to deal with the office narcissist?
    • What’s the difference between a team and an interest group? And, why should you care?
    • What are effective rules of engagement to actually make meetings useful?
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  • Episode Number : 5

    Mark Settle, seven-time Chief Information Officer (CIO) and current CIO of Okta digs into how the modern workplace has evolved with the proliferation of collaboration work tools such as Slack, Zoom, etc. and the technology considerations CIOs and business leaders need to address in preparation for future workplace changes. Mark shares his thoughts on automation, it’s role within a company, and where it’s headed. Mark also highlights the various dimensions of the CIO role and what it takes to succeed.

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    CIO role and what it takes to succeed.

    • Challenges for CIO’s and IT Leaders Addressed in this Podcast:
    • How do you manage a variety of generational groups within an IT organization?
    • How are millennials driving change in the workplace? How do you prepare for future changes?
    • What role will automation play moving forward?
    • What does it take to be a successful leader in IT?

    For more information on Mark’s book Truth from the Trenches, visit:

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  • Episode Number : 4

    Welcome to episode four of the AI and the Future of Work podcast series with host Dan Turchin.

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    The following conversation features ServiceNow’s World Wide VP of Sales Initiatives, Craig Pratt. He shares his journey through the high-tech world and the leadership lessons he’s learned along the way.

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  • Episode Number : 3

    IT veteran Tony North is the Support Manager @ Sinclair and the president of the Seattle HDI Chapter. Tony stops by for a chat with our host, Dan Turchin, to discuss building great customer support experiences, how to hire the very best people for your team, the top ITSM tools shaping the customer experience today and how to best measure and scale these tools. For those interested in the future of support and ITSM, Tony shares his thoughts around decentralization, reporting, & robotics, describing how these trends are disrupting the industry.

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    Challenges for CIO’s, IT Leaders, and Support Managers Addressed in this Podcast:

    • How should a support manager screen for cultural fit in hiring?
    • What can you do to keep support agents engaged?
    • How do you give the support team more visibility within the organization?
    • What are the best metrics for measuring the value of technology for internal customers?
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  • Episode Number : 2

    Benjamin Baer is the VP of Product Marketing at Fair, Issac and Company (FICO), best known for their credit risk assessment product, FICO Score. What many people don’t know is that FICO’s reach goes far beyond assessing credit health. Over the last ten years the corporation has become a leader in the analytics space, deploying big data, machine learning, and artificial intelligence solutions to some of the largest enterprises in the world. Benjamin shares a fascinating consumer journey that highlights FICO’s involvement in a host of touch points. Many of which will surprise you. He goes on to give insight on how AI and big data will impact the future of work, describing massive productivity gains and efficiency improvements for not only our jobs but also for our lives.

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    Challenges for CIO’s and IT Leaders Addressed in this Podcast:

    • Successful AI and machine learning use cases in the enterprise.
    • Responsible compliance and stewardship of data.
    • The future of big data and analytics.
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  • Episode Number : 1

    Brent Knipfer currently works with McDonald’s as the Global Enterprise Solutions Architect. He shares his passion and expertise around ITSM throughout the podcast, showcasing the endless possibilities for growth in the space. Brent dives into the past, present, and exciting future of ITSM as AI comes front and center.

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    Challenges for CIO’s and IT Leaders Addressed in this Podcast:

    • How can AI enhance my ITSM solution?
    • How can AI improve employee satisfaction?
    • What are Astound’s AI features, and what value do they bring?
    • How is AI changing ITSM?
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