Organizations that invest in better employee service dramatically outperform their peers across every key metric.

Your employees deserve the best IT and HR service. When they receive great service, they’re more engaged, more productive, and better able to serve your customers.

Better employee experience starts with PeopleReign.

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The Virtual Agent

PeopleReign’s omni-channel Virtual Agent is pre-configured to understand 5 million common work concepts, so your service organization becomes day one smart. Oh, and it also speaks 27 languages. (27!)

In addition, the PeopleReign Virtual Agent:

  • Takes action to allow for fully autonomous call deflection
  • Automatically routes requests to the best live agent based on skills and geography
  • Recommends the best next action to live agents when the virtual agent isn’t sufficient
  • Provides dashboard reports for managers to increase call deflection and reduce MTTR
  • Installs in about 30 minutes and comes pre-integrated with popular applications like ServiceNow


Solve routing problems before they start—motivate your employees to do their best work and be their best selves by giving them back an hour a week to do more of what they love.


The best way to help agents be smarter, faster, and free up their brain power to solve complex problems, rather than focusing on repetitive, mundane tasks.


Take control of your KPIs with Insights from PeopleReign, the dashboard you’ve been waiting for.

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