Our Values

  • Make our customers wildly successful.

  • Do something great every day.

  • Embrace diversity.

  • Be insanely ambitious.

  • Do the right thing when nobody is watching.

About PeopleReign

AI is the new UI. Voice is the new app. Today’s intelligent enterprise is powered by smart features that understand how employees work. There’s nothing artificial about automating the decision-making process with natural language processing and machine learning.

Our team of Data Scientists, linguists, Software Engineers, and Service Management practitioners are passionate about developing amazing technology that brings teams together, fixes problems faster, and improves lives. PeopleReign is the culmination of more than a century of people-years worth of research and development. We’re motivated by our customers and committed to creating a new world of work where employees are empowered to focus on critical thinking, empathy, coaching, and intuition – innately human skills – while AI automates mundane tasks.


Dan Turchin
Chief Executive Officer
Matt Parker
Head of Data Science
Russ Malz
Head of Customer Success and Growth


Boulder Ventures
Moxxie Ventures
Sterling Road


Jonathan Perl
Dan Turchin


Sanju Bansal
Larry Augustin
Julie Liegl
Craig Harper
Peter Navin
Karthik Rau
Mike Bourke

At PeopleReign, we believe in using technology to make humans the best versions of themselves.

We believe AI exists to augment – not replace – employees. We believe in a future where the pace of innovation continues to accelerate. In that future, technology transforms but people reign.Ready to test your limits? Interested in being part of the next great technology success story? Think you can change the world?

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