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SAN JOSE, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, June 13, 2023/ — San Jose, CA – PeopleReign, the industry-leading SaaS platform for automating IT and HR employee service, is excited to announce the release of its flagship system of intelligence platform for Summer 2023. The latest release builds upon the success of the Winter release, which introduced responsibly implemented generative AI. The Summer 2023 release empowers automation owners by simplifying the process of adding generative AI capabilities to virtual agents and reducing the effort required to maintain them.

Key features include:

  1. Automated Answer Extraction: With one click, convert existing content into conversational AI. For example, point to raw documents in SharePoint, PDF, or CSV formats and PeopleReign automatically converts them into intents and replies that can be used in workflows with action scripts.
  2. Knowledge Gaps Report: Knowledge managers can now leverage generative AI to receive cluster analyses highlighting gaps in content. These gaps represent opportunities for knowledge owners to author better, more useful content, enabling them to prioritize work effectively.
  3. Bulk Edit Intents and Replies: For teams managing virtual agents that perform hundreds or thousands of skills, it’s easier to simultaneously perform the same action on large groups of intents and replies. PeopleReign now supports sorting, filtering, and editing of all tables to make it easier for automation owners to manage virtual agents at scale.

“Every organization is considering the best way to deliver IT and HR answers using their data without the risks of LLMs from OpenAI, Google, or Microsoft. We’ve extended our core tenet of practicing AI responsibly to generative AI to eliminate those risks. No organization needs to choose between employee safety and productivity.” says Dan Turchin, CEO of PeopleReign.

Knowledge taxonomy expert and author Seth Earley, CEO of Earley Information Science, praised the new Automated Answer Extraction capability, stating, “The need to ingest organizational knowledge assets securely is critical. PeopleReign’s Automated Answer Extraction capability, powered by generative AI, is the right solution for quickly and safely converting knowledge assets into conversational AI. Everyone in the knowledge management industry is asking for a solution to this problem. This approach is what I recommend to our customers.”

Read the CEO blog post about the Summer 2023 release

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