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The theme of this quarter’s platform product release is velocity – as in, increasing it to help automation owners add more capabilities to virtual agents with less manual effort. We believe the effort to maintain bots should be far less than the time they save. Alternative platforms require administrators to manually define and manage bot workflows which is inefficient, expensive, and fragile. All three key features we’re announcing today build on the foundation of generative AI implemented responsibly that we introduced in the winter release.

Automated Answer Extraction

It’s now one-click easy to convert any existing content into conversational AI with automated answer extraction. Point to raw documents in PDF or CSV formats and PeopleReign automatically converts them into intents and replies that can be used in workflows with action scripts. 

The extraction process relies on generative AI techniques using large language models (LLMs) to identify both discrete questions buried in large documents but also the most likely questions that will be used to ask for them. This approach mitigates the impact of LLM hallucinations and bias by restricting generated content to enterprise-specific documents. It also uses private LLM APIs to avoid the risk of enterprise content being shared with foundational AI models as training data. 

Automated answer extraction makes legacy content interactive and discoverable. When the right answers are easy to find, employee self-service adoption improves. Equally important, knowledge management teams can focus on creating great content and automation owners can focus on working with business stakeholders to add new bot skills and increase call deflection.

Knowledge Gaps Report

Knowledge managers want to produce the most useful content but often lack proper signals to prioritize their work beyond search terms and, occasionally, lists of clicked links. Now, using generative AI from PeopleReign, knowledge owners receive cluster analyses showing “gaps” that represent opportunities to author better content.

PeopleReign generative AI not only provides visual maps describing gaps but also suggests the content required to fill them. Combined with Automated Answer Extraction, the Knowledge Gaps Report finally aligns knowledge management and automation strategies to accelerate “shift left” initiatives and reduce downtime for employees.

Bulk edit intents and replies

For teams managing virtual agents that perform hundreds or thousands of skills, it’s often easiest to perform the same action on large groups of intents and replies simultaneously. PeopleReign now supports sorting and filtering of all tables to make it easier for automation owners to manage virtual agents at scale.

Increasing velocity for automation owners leads to better automation experiences for employees. Using generative AI responsibly to enable more intelligent experiences starts with making it easier to add and manage bot skills. Generative AI is a powerful productivity catalyst but only when used by smart humans as a co-pilot.

More innovation ahead

PeopleReign will continue to lead the industry with innovation that demonstrates the responsible, scalable way to use generative AI and LLMs to help employees love work. AI isn’t here to take jobs… but it helps all who embrace it outperform the competition.We’ll be announcing new innovation in the summer 2023 release. All features in the Summer 2023 release are generally available as of today. Click here for a demo of these and other new PeopleReign capabilities.