Introducing employee engagement surveys and self-service knowledge gap analyses to help teams do more work that matters


SAN JOSE, CA, USA, June 13, 2024 / — PeopleReign, the industry-leading SaaS platform that automates IT and HR employee service, announced today the release of its flagship system of intelligence platform for summer 2024. This latest release introduces innovation including a new employee engagement app, self-service knowledge gap analyses, and enhanced virtual agent status messages. Now, the virtual agent can learn from employee feedback and incorporate insights into new workflows and actions.

Key features introduced in the summer 2024 platform release:

Welcome PeopleReign Experience! For the first time since PeopleReign launched in 2020, we’ve added a new app to the portfolio. Employee pulse surveys are deeply integrated into the employee service automation platform. As a result, organizations can turn insights from employee feedback into automated actions in the virtual agent. Experience surveys can be designed and deployed within the PeopleReign Administration Console. They use a science-backed methodology to score overall employee engagement on five dimensions:

1. Service quality
2. Resolution speed
3. Technical knowledge
4. Staff approachability
5. Effective communication

The new Experience dashboard available within PeopleReign Insights visualizes employee sentiment with detailed user feedback to indicate opportunities for improvement and engagement trends.

Knowledge gap analytics are a key component of PeopleReign Insights. They continuously analyze historical ticket and case data to identify opportunities for autonomous deflection. Knowledge gap analytics goes beyond identifying the root cause of issues by also authoring content that can be pushed into the virtual agent.

To help employees do more work that matters, the automation platform must detect, define, and deliver intelligence to continuously improve knowledge content coverage and, ultimately, get employees back to work faster. The new self-service API available in the summer 2024 platform automates the full lifecycle of issue to resolution with conversational AI.

Real-time status messages now make it easier to understand the cognitive process used by the virtual agent to detect intent, select the right skill, find the best workflow, and take the right action. As the virtual agent “thinks”, it now shares its thought process with status updates about how it’s processing the request and what actions it’s taking. As a result, users understand how it arrived at its conclusion and can provide more helpful guidance if the virtual agent requests additional information.

Feedback from beta users has been overwhelmingly positive like this comment from a service desk manager in Detroit: “We turned on PeopleReign to help junior engineers interact with digital versions of senior engineers. It cut down training time by two weeks per engineer. It speaks fluent Hindi even though the senior engineers only speak English. Never seen any technology as good as this!

Existing PeopleReign customers have automatically been upgraded to the summer 2024 release. It is generally available for new customers effective today.

PeopleReign is used by many of the most sophisticated organizations in the world to automate IT and HR and keep employees engaged and motivated at work.