By Dan Turchin, PeopleReign CEO

馃殕 Now’s the time for leaders to communicate why AI is here to make work better. It’s not here to take jobs. I discuss the 3锔忊儯 principles of responsible AI for employee service聽in today’s Forbes Technology Council article:

1锔忊儯 Don’t rely on foundation models. Generative AI is for research and creative tasks. Prescriptive AI聽is for employee service.

2锔忊儯 Opt into virtual agent skills. Define guardrails and enforce them by explicitly enabling automated behaviors to avoid leaking IP, hallucinations, biased output, and security聽breaches.

3锔忊儯 Prioritize action-taking over FAQs. Employees deserve solutions. Workflow-driven integrations turn chatbots聽into intelligence engines.

Work will change more in the next three years than it has in the last three hundred. Join me on Team Human. Together, we’re changing the 馃寧.