Introducing SupportGPT for employee service©, the world’s first LLM dedicated to IT and HR

SAN JOSE, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, December 6, 2023 / — PeopleReign, the industry-leading SaaS platform that automates IT and HR employee service, is excited to announce the release of its flagship system of intelligence platform for winter 2023. This latest release introduces innovation, including SupportGPT for employee service©, the world’s first LLM dedicated to IT and HR. Now, employees can get more done by interacting with their own data using conversational AI and enterprises can safely automate routine service tasks without risking hallucinations, IP infringement, or security breaches.

In addition, the winter 2023 platform release introduces the following key features:

  1. To ensure auditability and explainability, the Virtual Agent now cites its sources to guarantee the integrity of answers and actions. No organization should fear how the bot may behave or risk not knowing where answers originated.
  2. Live sync capabilities allow the Virtual Agent to continuously monitor external data sources like knowledge bases and wikis for content drift. PeopleReign now detects and adapts in real-time as the best answers change, new content is created, and obsolete content is retired.
  3. A headless long poll REST API is now available for integrating the PeopleReign Virtual Agent into any web portal, mobile device, or custom app. Long polling gives customers the ability to automate routine tasks with interactive dialogs and industry-leading integrations that make action-taking from the bot available in minutes with clicks and no code.
  4. A drop-in ready Virtual Agent JavaScript widget pre-integrated with the long poll REST API now makes it easy to begin using your SupportGPT for employee service© LLM in minutes.
  5. Virtual Agent observability analytics are now available via the Events Explorer widget within the Insights application. View and manage all conversational events ranging from dialogs and sessions to user feedback and actions taken from a single report with modern reporting capabilities for searching, sorting, and filtering.

“I’ve never seen a team innovate at this pace,” said Ben Brennan, new Head of UX at PeopleReign. “These enhancements put the PeopleReign Virtual Agent far ahead of anything I’ve seen in terms of intelligence, usability, and configurability. Based on my interactions with customers so far and what I see ahead in the pipeline, I couldn’t be more enthusiastic about our mission and vision.”

The PeopleReign Events Explorer for LLM Observability

The Virtual Agent web widget is available for instant integration with any web portal, mobile device, or custom app

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