Introducing the First Employee Personal Digital Concierge© That Takes Action Autonomously and Guarantees Savings

SAN JOSE, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, September 14, 2023/ — PeopleReign, the industry-leading SaaS platform that automates IT and HR employee service, is excited to announce the release of its flagship system of intelligence platform for fall 2023. This latest release introduces innovation, including chain of thought machine reasoning and interactive business value dashboards, all designed to improve operational efficiency.

“The next billion employees will benefit from an additional day per week of productive time using systems of intelligence like PeopleReign,” stated Dan Turchin, CEO of PeopleReign. “Every employee brings their best self to work when mundane tasks are automated. We’re proud to partner with many of the most savvy organizations who place the highest value on delivering better employee experiences. Innovation in the fall 2023 platform release makes it easy to use LLMs responsibly and guarantee concept to value in no more than 30 days.”

The fall 2023 release introduces chain of thought machine reasoning. It allows autonomous agents to compare possible actions to take from a list of known skills in real-time. Explainability logs detail why decisions were made, and new skill selection and automated training capabilities make it easy for every Personal Digital Concierge© to take the best action the first time and learn when it doesn’t.

According to Matt Parker, PeopleReign Head of Data Science: “PeopleReign seamlessly combines multiple skills, yielding consistently smarter outcomes than human responses. Our team designed a solution that fixes problems with existing LLM infrastructure tools, addressing challenges such as availability, hallucinations, copyright concerns, and explainability. I’m proud of our team’s achievements. The pace of innovation continues to accelerate.”

Additionally, the fall 2023 release introduces the Business Value Dashboard. It simplifies the challenge of quantifying the impact of automation, helping organizations monitor key performance indicators (KPIs), including cost savings and ticket volume reduction.

Additional supported KPIs include mean time to resolve (MTTR) tickets and self-service adoption trends over time.

With the introduction of chain of thought machine reasoning and the Business Value Dashboard, PeopleReign helps every organization achieve operational excellence and makes every employee more productive.

Join us for “The Future Unleashed: AI-Powered Enterprise Transformation” on September 18 at 9 AM PT.

PeopleReign is used by many of the most sophisticated organizations in the world to automate IT and HR and keep employees engaged and motivated at work.


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