Intelligent Design: Using AI to Build a Better Workplace
Leadership Today Artificial Intelligence Series: Featuring Dan Turchin

Since the late 19th century, automation has revolutionized the workplace. Machines, robotics, and computers have increased the efficiency, accuracy, and output of everywhere from factories to finance firms. But the biggest revolution may be yet to come. Artificial Intelligence is set to change the modern workplace forever, and not just in the ways you may imagine. While AI has the power to replace tasks once performed by humans, giving more space for critical thought and analysis, the generative and predictive capabilities of emerging technologies can drive workplaces to achieve greater things than with human thought alone. What does the future hold for an AI-powered workplace? And how can your organization put AI to work to build greater things? Dan Turchin, CEO of AI company PeopleReign and host of the AI and the Future of Work podcast, is joining us to answer those questions and more.