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SAN JOSE, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, March 23, 2023 / — PeopleReign, the industry-leading SaaS platform to automate IT and HR employee service, announced today the spring 2023 release of its flagship system of intelligence platform that includes innovations which extend PeopleReign’s AI leadership. These include new AI-first capabilities that make it easier to measure the performance of live agents, find answers outside enterprise content, and ensure the virtual agent always provides the best answer or takes the best action. The company continues to work with customers and partners to pioneer the post-ticket world where employees don’t struggle to get basic information or routine questions answered.

“Our recent State of Employee Experience research study showed that employees hate waiting on hold and being treated like a number,” says Dan Turchin, PeopleReign CEO. “They expect the right answer the first time. We continue to deliver innovation that makes this a reality for our customers and partners.”

The spring 2023 release introduces a Live Agent Leaderboard. Until now, it has been difficult to incorporate all the key signals that indicate live agent performance into a single metric. With the PeopleReign Agent Leaderboard, every live agent sees how they’re performing vs. peers and, more importantly, how they can improve. Every service manager can now assess live agents based on how frequently they accept and act on AI recommendations, plus how their usage of AI correlates with employee sat scores and MTTR for the issues they resolve.

Additionally, the spring 2023 release introduces External Answers. An employee may want to ask “did the IRS change the Roth IRA cap in 2023,” or “what security issues are in the latest Windows release.” Now, knowledge owners don’t need to author content like this, and employees get the right answer the first time without guessing when to rely on internal vs. external resources.

The spring release also enhances the PeopleReign virtual agent, making designing automated, interactive conversations easier. Employees shouldn’t be asked to answer the same question multiple times. They should always receive the best answer the first time. If a follow-up is required, they should be notified when the task has been assigned and completed. If a live agent is required, the right one should be invited into the conversation based on skills, time zone, and language and be prepared to continue where the virtual agent left off. Everything required to deliver an exceptional employee experience is now supported by the PeopleReign virtual agent.

PeopleReign is used by many of the most sophisticated organizations in the world to automate IT and HR tasks and keep employees engaged and motivated at work.

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