ChatGPT is helping everyone appreciate the power of AI. PeopleReign has been delivering “ChatGPT for the employee” for years. Every employee deserves a digital concierge that provides answers and takes action in their native language. It should get smarter with each request and anticipate their needs. It should be day-one ready to help them avoid ever being pushed to the bottom of a ticket queue and treated like a number.

This past quarter, we’re proud to announce three major innovations that extend PeopleReign’s AI leadership. We delivered new AI-first capabilities that make it easier to measure the performance of live agents, find answers outside your enterprise content, and ensure the virtual agent always provides the best answer or takes the best action.

Live Agent Leaderboard

Live agents should be measured based on the quality of the experiences they deliver to employees. Until now, it has been difficult to incorporate all of the key signals that indicate live agent performance into a single metric. With the PeopleReign Agent Leaderboard, every live agent sees how they’re performing vs. peers and, more important, what they can do to improve. Every service manager can now assess live agents based on how frequently they accept and act on AI recommendations plus how their usage of AI correlates with employee sat scores and MTTR for the issues they resolve.

PeopleReign Live Agent Leaderboard

Measure live agent performance by gamifying service quality with AI. Help every agent become your best agent!

External answers

Often, the best answers to employee questions live outside enterprise content. For example, “what day is Labor Day this year,” “did the IRS change the Roth IRA cap in 2023,” or “what security issues are in the latest Windows release” are all better answered by external knowledge sources like the IRS FAQs or Microsoft’s product documentation. Now, knowledge owners don’t need to author content that should live elsewhere and employees get the right answer the first time without guessing when to rely on internal vs. external resources. External answers integrates with all sources of knowledge that might contain answers to common IT and HR questions. The PeopleReign virtual agent uses AI that knows when the best answer isn’t contained in enterprise knowledge. It first searches for internal answers before searching outside if its minimum confidence threshold isn’t met.

Virtual agent conversations

The PeopleReign virtual agent now supports three capabilities that make it easier to design automated, interactive conversations.

  1. One or more intents can now be associated with one or more replies: intents are now distinct from replies so a single topic can be associated with different actions based on the specific language used in the request. For example, “how long can my guest be on the WiFi network” will return “eight hours” but “I need to add my guest to the WiFi network” will return a request for the guest’s details.
  2. Replies can now be connected to other replies: like conversations with smart humans, virtual agent dialogs can now contain questions and continuations based on answers. For example, a password reset request can lead to multiple replies – one to provide a list of applications the employee is approved to access then a second that manages multi-factor authentication and resets the password in the selected application.
  3. Replies can now include orchestration actions: the virtual agent can now take action across multiple systems simultaneously so employee requests are fully automated. For example, a request to order a phone can return a reply that looks up employee entitlements in Workday, checks inventory in SAP, then routes an approval task in ServiceNow.

To increase adoption of the virtual agent, the employee experience must be as good or better than calling the help desk. Employees shouldn’t be asked to answer the same question multiple times. They should always receive the best answer the first time. If a follow up is required, they should be notified when the task has been assigned and completed. If a live agent is required, the right one should be invited into the conversation based on skills, time zone, and language and be prepared to continue where the virtual agent left off. Everything required to deliver an exceptional employee experience is now supported by the PeopleReign virtual agent.

More innovation ahead

The future of employee service is immediate answers. Employees should feel trusted, valued, and respected. They should spend more time doing what they love… and less time being treated like a ticket. We’re proud of all the innovation in the spring 2023 release and can’t wait to share highlights from the summer release in a few months.


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