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1. Goofus expects his run-of-the-mill chatbot to intelligently resolve end user issues.

2. Goofus thinks knowledge management is a one-and-done affair.

3. Goofus does without analytics.

4. Goofus assumes that once written, his knowledge articles are always good

5. Goofus ignores top search terms from end users

6. Goofus looks for definitions of ticket deflection.

7. Goofus tries to build an in-house solution, and blows both his timeline and his budget.

1. Gallant has a virtual agent which uses natural language processing to resolve end user issues the right way the first time.

2. Gallant uses AI to tune over time.

3. Gallant uses analytics and insights to stay on top of his data.

4. Gallant regularly reviews his knowledge articles for freshness.

5. Gallant is proactive about creating new content related to top search terms

6. Gallant looks for tools to help improve self-service adoption.

7. Gallant partners with PeopleReign and beats organizational expectations!

The Goofus and Gallant characters were created by Garry Cleveland Myers and are featured in Highlights children’s magazine