Today’s episode first appeared on Peter Scott’s (excellent!) AI and You podcast.

Peter Scott and David Wood are two of the most recognized AI futurists. Both are respected authors, speakers, and visionaries. Peter is a popular TEDx speaker and long-time NASA engineer. David was recently named one of the “top 100 most influential people in technology”.

Today’s discussion is a must-listen in which we discuss the future of technology, the future of work, and the future of humanity. In this one, Peter hosted and the three of us had a round table discussion about everything from generative AI to sentience. Let us know what you think after listening. Our DMs are open on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Listen and learn…

  • Where AI won and lost in 2022
  • Our predictions for AI in 2023
  • What will the impact of ChatGPT be on the future of technology
  • What tasks are best-suited for generative AI
  • How we’ll regulate generative AI when it spews nonsense
  • What is artificial general intelligence (AGI) and when we’ll achieve it
  • What is sentience and are today’s bots sentient?
  • How and where the US AI Bill of Rights falls short vs. AI regulation in the EU
  • What we should be doing to systematize the practice of responsible AI