“This is an exciting capstone project because of the partnership with PeopleReign. It’s amazing to me that they’ve solved the problem for IT and HR service. We’re excited about future uses of PeopleReign!” –Yau Gene Chan, ITU CEO

We are delighted to report on our collaboration with the International Technological University (ITU), helping business technology masters students see their capstone project come to life using the PeopleReign virtual agent. Just one of the many ways we’re empowering innovators of the future!

Professor Mamoun Abu-Samaha assigned his students the task of building and configuring a virtual agent for a martial arts studio as part of their masters program capstone. The team of students built snippets and utterances, and used action scripts and more with support from our data science team to build a chat window interface using the PeopleReign virtual agent. The result of the final project was a working support window for the martial arts studio that leveraged conversational AI, allowing consumers to book classes, get instant help with general requests like open studio hours, and get answers to other typical student and parent questions about martial arts classes.

“This platform is amazing. It can be used for anything. We have big plans for future uses of PeopleReign.” — Masters Student, International Technological University (ITU)

“The collaboration with PeopleReign was an amazing opportunity for our students to put their ideas to the test in real life,” says Professor Abu-Samaha. “We couldn’t be more pleased with the outcomes of working with PeopleReign. The masters’ students gained valuable first-hand knowledge using the platform, and the support from the team was an incredible gift of time and energy to our students.”

We’re very proud to be a part of these future innovators’ education. Says PeopleReign CEO Dan Turchin, “It’s awesome to see the leaders of the future in action today using the technology of tomorrow.” And PeopleReign’s Head of Data Science and co-founder Matt Parker adds, “It was refreshing to see these students brainstorming using our product! Their new eyes on age-old problems was inspiring, and it was so exciting to see them make use of PeopleReign in such an effective way.”

If you’re interested in running a similar project at your institution, please contact Thom Robbins thom@peoplereign.io. And for more about the PeopleReign virtual agent, check out our infographic and video.