Join us for our upcoming webinar with Dan Turchin and Seth Earley on November 30 at 10 am PT (1 pm ET)

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In this new world, no employees should spend time struggling to get basic information and questions answered – especially about IT and HR systems and benefits. Virtual Assistant capabilities continue improving as they are trained on large numbers of support and trouble ticket data.  While recognizing user intent is critical, equally important is having the information that employees and customers need to solve the problem once their problem and objective is understood.

This means that the knowledge to power such interactions is available and in the correct format for retrieval.  However, many organizations have incomplete, inconsistent or missing knowledge and therefore need to build the correct foundation to make these programs a success.

In this session, Earley Information Science with partner PeopleReign will show how these programs can rapidly produce measurable results in weeks rather than months and years.  While large-scale knowledge problems cannot be solved overnight, by focusing on narrow AI with clearly defined processes and curated knowledge, organizations can see ROI in as little as 30 days.

We will discuss how to approach internal and external support use cases, measure baselines, project ROI and quickly build a knowledge architecture that can produce short-term results while building the foundation for expanding to broader organizational knowledge problems.

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