Krish Ramineni, Fireflies CEO and Microsoft alum, learned the value of NLP working with Skype and Office as a Product Manager. He set out to solve a problem he had: note-taking in meetings and following up afterward. Fireflies has been used by more than 60,000 organizations to make meetings more efficient. Krish has raised nearly $20M from an A-list group of investors including Canaan Partners and Khosla Ventures.


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The evolution of speech recognition technology in the enterpriseHow Krish and the team build an AI voice assistant that joins  meetings in 100 countries every dayHow to start with 85% ASR (automated speech recognition) accuracy and make it better using AIHow to mitigate the impact of biased training data where foreign accents and uncommon speech patterns are underrepresentedWho owns voice transcripts used to train AI modelsHow being recorded changes participant behavior in meetingsThe future of “voice-first” computingReferences in this episode:

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