Thirdera Prioritizes AI with PeopleReign Partnership

The top ServiceNow partner will deploy PeopleReign’s AI-based “virtual agent” to help IT and HR departments resolve service requests faster and more cost effectively

Leesburg, Va. (April 22, 2021) Thirdera, the leading provider of professional services and integrations for companies implementing ServiceNow, announces a strategic partnership with PeopleReign, provider of an intelligent virtual agent for IT and HR employee service requests. Through the partnership, Thirdera will resell PeopleReign and deploy it alongside ServiceNow. Thirdera will also work with clients to help them improve their use of PeopleReign.

IT and HR service owners all over the globe face cost challenges and a requirement to deliver higher quality service to their customers. Artificial Intelligence (AI) can help. PeopleReign’s solution uses natural language processing to deliver concise, actionable answers to common questions, allowing IT and HR to resolve service requests faster and more cost effectively by allowing calls to be deflected to non-agent handling. According to PeopleReign, its technology can reduce ticket volumes by 65%, cost per ticket by 85%, mean time to resolution by 40%, and first call resolution by 55%, all while improving customer satisfaction.

ServiceNow is the world’s most popular Service Management platform. PeopleReign has been pre-integrated with ServiceNow, but most companies still need help deploying, and continually improving, the systems, and Thirdera has the largest concentration of ServiceNow and PeopleReign technical skills across the Americas. A deep advisory capability allows it to provide rapid assessment, implementation and ongoing support of ServiceNow and PeopleReign, so clients can achieve maximum value for these investments more quickly.

“The ambition of our partnership with PeopleReign is to unlock the power of AI for our clients in a meaningful way,” said Jason Wojahn, CEO of Thirdera. “There are so many places where AI, Robotic Process Automation and Machine Learning can be used in the enterprise, it can be a challenge to know where to start. IT and HR service teams can benefit immediately from these technologies. PeopleReign’s AI has the ability to increase automated call resolution, help Support teams resolve service requests faster, and reduce training time, all while reducing cost and improving satisfaction. As ServiceNow’s largest elite pure-play partner in North America and a strategic partner of PeopleReign, we are excited to bring these platforms together to help clients get more out of the service management resources.”

“PeopleReign provides simple tools for business users to manage how AI makes predictions and recommendations, and also includes predictive analytics to help service owners understand future issues before they occur,” said Dan Turchin, CEO of PeopleReign. “This becomes a very powerful capability for service owners to continually improve their service delivery while also lowering the overall cost of delivery. By partnering with Thirdera, we are more confident than ever that our customers will have the support they need to automate service management and deliver better business outcomes.”

To learn more about how Thirdera and PeopleReign are working together to help IT and HR departments, attend this upcoming webinar on April 28. Participants will be treated to a live demo and discussion about the future of work with Jason Wojahn.

About Thirdera

Thirdera is an elite level ServiceNow partner consulting on the entire portfolio. The firm enables mid-market and enterprise customers to leverage the full power of ServiceNow through complete, workflow-enabled services. Their approach speeds customer outcomes, reduces work, reduces complexity and brings legacy IT investments a new life